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Terms of Service

User agreement for the learning platform ILI-MOOC
§ 1 Scope
This user agreement applies to the online learning platform "ILI-MOOC", provided by the Institute für Lern-Innovation of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (in the following "operator").
§ 2 Subject Matter
1. ILI-MOOC is an integrated online learning that is used for open online courses and as digital working environment in the scope of learning-innovation projects.
2. ILI-MOOC provides web-based learning material, different objects for organizational matters and means of communication which are reserved for personal use as part of education only.
3. The Institute for Learning Innovation (ILI), located at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, is responsible for conceptional and operational aspects (regarding content and technical matters) as well as for the project management of ILI-MOOC as a whole.
4. Questions regarding these user agreements and general concerns are to be addressed to the ILI-MOOC team: E-Mail: inno-course@ili.fau.de or phone: +49 9131-85 61114
§ 3 Target group
1. The use of ILI-MOOC is reserved for those who are registered and confirmed by the platform administrators.
2. Access to and the use of documents and functions are subject to the following terms of service. Access is provided if these terms of service are accepted. The content in ILI-MOOC is created either by the service providers (the operator) and by the users of the system. Default settings only allow access to the content after registration. The content-creators can also choose to open the content to the public. The creator him/herself is responsible for public personal profiles, blogs, portfolios and publicly accessible content in the system’s sub-sections.
§ 4 Registration and access code
1. 1. By using ILI-MOOC, users declare that
o the data they have entered into ILI-MOOC during registration is correct, up-to-date and complete;
o they will not share their password or login data with anyone;
o they accept the current user agreement;
o they consent to the processing of their personal data according to § 5 of this terms of service.
In case users have entered false information on purpose, refuse to correct false data intentionally, or in case any of the current provisions are violated in any way, the creator has the right to block users temporarily or to delete the corresponding account.
2. Each user is responsible for any use of ILI-MOOC that is performed via his/her user account and passwords. Therefore, user accounts and passwords have to be protected from unauthorized use by their owners. Every user is obliged to inform the operator immediately if they notice any misuse of their access data.
§ 5 Privacy Policy
1. Regarding the registration and all other administrative procedures, the procession of any personal data is subject to the Bavarian data protection and its terms.
2. Any personal data is exclusively stored for identification purposes within ILI-MOOC, given that this is permitted by the data protection law and that the user agree to this.
3. Registration of the users:
With the self-registration, the following personal data is requested and stored:
user account, password (encrypted), gender, institution, department, surname, first name, e-mail.
4. Username, name and surname are visible if course members are listed or if accounts are searched via e-mail. Every user can choose further information in their personal profile to be visible as well.
5. Course administrators (= the responsible for a course, the lectures, tutors) can activate and thus collect learning progress data for individual learning modules, exercises, tests or courses. This data can be viewed by the administrators and tutors of the superordinate course. In addition, every user can view all of his/her own learning progress data via the personal desk.
6. Having confirmed a corresponding data protection declaration, course administrations and tutors are able to export the data listed under "registration" and the learning progress data of their course participants.
7. Data related to users' behaviour on the learning platform is recorded by the system and can be viewed by administrators, authors and tutors of the specific course
The following data is collected and stored:
• Consent to the user agreement and date of approval
• The permissions or roles of each user name
• For group and course membership: Date of enrollment and learning progress ("Not yet started" / "In process" / "Edited" / "Failed")
• History data: date of creation of the account and by whom (owner), last login and ownership of objects
• When using the internal mail system, the messages sent and received via this e-mail function
• When using the automated notification function in groups and courses, the messages sent and received
• In the event of an error and for quality management, server logs can be activated and evaluated by the administrators.
• Support issues and requests are forwarded to a provider's support system if necessary. The data can be viewed by the following persons to fulfill their purpose:: Course tutors, group and / or course administrators see the enrolled participants and their learning progress with master and historical data (enrollment status, list of participants, learning success, last login / enrollment)
• Group and / or course members can see the user names of the respective members and get in touch with them.
• Further information (so-called profile data) is only visible if it has been released by the user.
• During use, all participants can see who is currently logged in to the learning platform ("Active User" display). Data beyond the publication of the name and user name determine the users themselves in the personal profile.
§ 6 The User’s Rights and Duties
1. The right to use ILI-MOOC is not transferable.
2. Users of ILI-MOOC offers are fully responsible for their activities within the application itself and all related services.
3. All users of ILI-MOOC offers are obliged to comply with the relevant legal regulations, in particular not to violate existing law of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is forbidden to publish, transmit or distribute content and/or statements that are illegal, insulting, violence-glorifying, discriminating or radical. This also includes content that is not published on ILI-MOOC directly but hyperlinked.
4. Furthermore, the use of offensive content, ambiguous terms and other presumably illegal representations is prohibited.
5. Any use of ILI-MOOC conflicting with the law or these terms of service must be brought to the operator's attention.
6. User activities aiming at impeding or incapacitating ILI-MOOC offers, and the unauthorized use or manipulation of protected content or personal data is prohibited and may be prosecuted under civil and criminal law.
7. Creators themselves are responsible for public personal profiles, blogs, portfolios and publicly visible content in the sub-sections of ILI-MOOC. When integrating and releasing publicly posted content, is has to be assured that text, software, images, videos, graphics, sounds or other material being subject to copyrights and exploitation rights are used correctly.
§7 End of the right of use, exclusion
1. To terminate a user's participation in the platform, an informal message should be sent to the administrator.
2. The operator is able to (partially) deny access to ILI-MOOC materials if ILI-MOOC content and functions are violated by the user him/herself or by a third party accessing ILI-MOOC via the user’s log-in data or if damage is caused to ILI-MOOC or the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.
3. For users in a project. After the end of the project, the platform can remain online for a certain period of time. At the end of the project all user accounts on the platform will be deactivated. All data collected during the period the platform was online can be used as described above.
4. Accounts will be deactivated after one year of inactivity. The data of inactive users will be deleted one year after deactivation and is only visible for administrators of the system until this point.
§ 8 Consideration of copyrights
By accepting these terms of service, the user acknowledges that the service offered by ILI-MOOC contains information, text, software, images, videos, graphics, sounds and other materials that are protected by copyright and/or industrial property rights and that all rights are reserved to their licensors.
§ 9 Use of information and materials
1. The right to use ILI-MOOC is not transferable and is granted to the user alone. The user is entitled to use, display, download, reformat and print the materials available to him through ILI-MOOC. This right applies only to personal and non-commercial use.
2. The user is not allowed to copy, use, sell, transfer or publish materials provided in ILI-MOOC for other purposes in any way.
3. On an occasional and irregular basis, the user is permitted to use insignificant parts of the materials provided in ILI-MOOC in seminar papers, presentations and articles, given that the copyright law is not violated. Each use of materials made available in has to be referenced correctly.
4. The permission described above does not include postings to newsgroups, mailing lists, electronic bulletin boards or other electronic distribution channels outside the ILI-MOOC environment.
5. In case users want to use materials provided in ILI-MOOC for purposes other than those listed here, he/she user requires permission of the person in charge of the respective area, usually the course instructor.
§ 10 Warranty and liability
1. The operator takes no responsibility for the content, data and / or information provided by other users in ILI-MOOC. The same applies to content linking out to external platforms.
2. ILI-MOOC services, information and materials are offered on an "as-is" and "as-available" basis. There is no warranty.
3. Users agree that use of the materials provided in ILI-MOOC is at their own risk. The operator does not guarantee that the provided functions meet the needs of the users or that the selected offers work together.
4. The operator is not liable for damages caused by the use or non-use of the information and materials offered in ILI-MOOC as well as for any damage caused by computer viruses, downloaded data, the use of software or the installation itself. This exclusion of liability does not apply to intentional or grossly negligent behaviour of the operator or those undertaking his duties. Internet pages identified by name reflect the views and findings of its author. The operator reserves the right to change, supplement or delete individual websites or the entire offer (in accordance with §7 (3)) without separate announcement or to cease publication temporarily or permanently.
5. If an update of the platform will be necessary to be done. For that reason the platform could be set offline. The administrator will keep the period of such an update as short as possible. During an update phase all or at least some of the functions of the platform could be out of work.
6. Users agree to waive the compensation of all damages by the operator, including damages asserted by themselves or third parties by a violation of their rights, by content they have posted or by actions they have committed by using ILI-MOOC.
§ 11 About this terms of service, user agreement
1. This user agreement can be viewed online on the login page of ILI-MOOC via "terms of service".
2. The operator of ILI-MOOC is entitled to change any section of these terms of service at any time. Significant changes will be announced and will take effect as soon as they are published in ILI-MOOC. If users do not agree to the changes, they must cancel their subscription to the ILI-MOOC offer. By continuing the use of ILI-MOOC, users agree to the amended user agreement and are bound by its terms.
§12 Modification of the offer
The operator of ILI-MOOC can change or cancel parts or certain functions of the offer at any time. Accordingly, the operator can limit the use and access to the ILI-MOOC offers as well as the duration and scope of the use at any time. However, the operator strives to keep downtimes as short as possible and to ensure that all functions are available at all times.
§ 13 Proclamations
The operator uses e-mail and/or postings within the ILI-MOOC offer or letter post for announcements. Announcements by ILI-MOOC are valid from the day on which the operator has made sufficient efforts to reach the users. Users can contact the operator as described in §2. Messages to the operator are valid from the day on which he receives the message.
§14 Final clauses
If individual provisions of user agreement are invalid, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provisions shall be replaced by dispositive statutory law and, in the absence of corresponding provisions, by a substitute provision which comes as close as possible to the purpose intended by the invalid provision.
§15 Disclaimer
We are not liable for damages resulting from the use of this website. This exclusion of liability does not apply insofar as the provisions of § 839 of the German Civil Code (liability for breach of official duty) are relevant. We are not liable for any damage caused by malware or the installation or use of software when calling up or downloading data.
As a service provider, we are responsible for our own content on these pages in accordance with § 7 para.1 TMG (German Telemedia Act) and general laws. According to §§ 8 to 10 TMG, however, we are not obliged as a service provider to monitor transmitted or stored third-party information or to investigate circumstances that indicate illegal activity.
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